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1. Eligibility
21 & over. However, exceptions can be made for under 21 if ALL the following conditions are met; 1) Individual league location allows players under 21 (determined by location management). The establishment also has the right to refuse any person for any reason. 2) Player meets the age requirements to play in the Monthly Tournament 3) Monthly Tournament locations allow players under 21 or will make a one-time exception. It is recommended that hosts call the league office with any questions. If a player is deemed ineligible because of age or disqualified by the league, all previous tournament results will stand.

2. Scoring System (Points Based)
Players accumulate points by finishing in individual tournaments, based on the number of entrants (see scoring chart). The tournament host must keep a record of the results of each tournament and report the score directory to the league office. If a location has two separate games, that is two separate sets of points and will not be combined.

3. Tournament Host
The tournament host oversees the setup of the tables/chairs, starting chip stacks, player registration and signout, chip management, moving players & breaking down tables and reporting results to league office. The tournament host will refer to the rules pertaining to any issues with Code of Conduct or Rules and will settle any disputes that arise during tournament play.

4. Player Registration
Players must sign-in THEMSELVES for each event with the tournament hosts and random seats will be established. New players will be required to submit legible full name. Substitutes are not allowed, each person can only play for themselves. End of season tournaments are reserved for qualifiers only.

5. Late/Reserve Players
No late or reserve players will be allowed after first blind. Players must be present and signed in at start of tournament. Late players have until the end of the first blind to sign in and be present to participate. Tournament hosts are to remove 100 chips from late players starting stacks. If table assignments have already been established and are full, tournament host may push a 9th player in.

6. Table Setup
1-8 Players = 1 Table
9-16 Players = 2 Tables
17+ = 3 Tables

7. Add-onís & Rebuys
Add-ons equal 500 chips. Players will receive 1 add-on for every $5 gift certificate you purchase from the host establishment. There is no limit to the number of add-ons you may purchase for a game. You may purchase add-ons before the game, during the intial blinds and during first break. After first break add-on purchases are cutoff for that game. Should you get knocked out of the tournament before first break you have the option to purchase a One Time Rebuy. This is not a full stack rebuy but rather have the option to purchase addons again. In the event that you purchase an add-on and you leave with a chip in your pocket (it happens). The next time you play at that location you may use it for a game. You must inform the host of this prior to playing.

8. Prizes and Incentives
Minnesota State Law allows maximum cash prizes totalling $200 per game per day . Locations will offer prizes as an incentive to patronize their bar.

9. Earning a Seat to Monthly Tournaments
All players that are in the top 50% of points or have 1 Win or 2 Seconds will advance to Monthly Tournaments.
Brad's Errands etc. LLC
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